TWERK Choreo by Anna Volkova

Why PROJECT? Because it is not only a dance laboratory, but also a team of professional and qualified teachers and dancers, with quality work with clients and the coverage of the subjects taught. Project-404 is the choice of those who want to be in the mainstream of the modern dance stream, develop their talent and hone their skills, get knowledge and experience directly from the hands of advanced specialists. Team 404 – those who do not think life without movement and dance, without communicating with like-minded people, appreciate quality service and the widest range of opportunities. Every day more and more people who join the fun and health of the Dance-Art Laboratory Project-404 And a fashionable lifestyle. Even if a person comes to Project-404, having an abstract idea of the dance, then very soon he will be drawn only to dance, dance and dance again.

Hallo liebe Veranstalter und Geschäftspartner,um ein realistisches Angebot zu erstellen, bitten wir darum die folgenden Punkte wahrheitsgemäß und vollständig auszufüllen.Die hier abgefragten Informationen sind für die Erstellung eines Angebotes unbedingt notwendig.

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