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Basically, an abbreviation for Soulful Emma-Louise, as I am known by most of my friends. It was a hard task trying to name myself, was gonna just go for Emma-Louise, but didn’t want to be known as a country and western Singer (Those of you who truly know music will know exactly what I am talking about!).Music has been an Integral part of my life ever since I can remember. I started playing the Violin and Piano at the tender age of 5 and it took me till the age of 18, when I saw those A-level results to realise that Music is actually the only thing my heart is in. I decided to make it my living. I am therefore classically trained in two instruments and was lucky enough to complete my music degree, majoring in Voice.During my third year of University, I was lucky enough to gain work experience in a music publishing company where the director heard me sing and put me forward for a variety of projects. It’s been all go since then really. Backing Singing, vocal arranging, song writing and basically delving into all aspects of vocal performance, perfecting and refining my art-form.I have had the priviledge of working with world renowned artists such as the infamous Jazzie B of Soul to Soul, Caren Wheeler, Mica Paris, Omar, Alicia Keys, Sanchez and Duncan James to name a few.God has truly been good to me, I love nothing more than working with masters of the industry and learning from them. This I feel is the only way an artist can perfect their craft. A very wise man once said to me, in order for you to succeed in this industry as a solo performer, you must find your sound.Well..It took me a while, but I think I’ve now found it, I hope you like what you hear, feel free to leave comments, be nice, stay humble and stay blessed

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