Onirose Pop Dancehall Reggae R&B Music Artist USA

While most toddlers were learning their A-B-C’s, little Onirose was already thumbing through her older siblings’ encyclopedias, fascinated by the stories she would read. By age four, she showed signs of an imagination beyond her years. It wasn’t long after she was enrolled at school that she joined and led the school’s choir, coming up with a few tunes of her own. By age ten, she was writing lyrics and short-stories. She found great pleasure in learning, but it was music, and above all singing, that thoroughly animated her being. While she never hesitated to proclaim her musical aspirations, it was clear from the get go that she was destined for the stage.Onirose’s lyrics emerge from the inspiration she finds in public and private life. A cosmopolitan who loves to explore the world, she credits her dad for cultivating her zest for life. She avidly recalls the fascinating experiences of her early years, as she accompanied him on business trips abroad. Onirose has immense respect for other artists and finds inspiration in all genres of music. This songster’s love for the form comes through in her newest release “I’ve Had Enough.” Sample it and discover for yourselve.


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